Everyone has meaning and value. Nelson Mandela once said that what we are afraid of most is not our darkness but our light. Most of us know and live in our fear, we participate regularly in dramas and get tripped up when life does not go our way. We may face a relationship breakup, somebody we love dies and the pain feels too great.

For Instance when you were a child you may have been abandoned, as a result you may have made a decision that you are unlovable. This then becomes a pattern which can now be directing your life in relationships today. As a result most of us recreate these patterns in order to reinforce what we believe about ourselves such as “I can't be loved” or “I can't trust anyone”. But what happens then to those precious parts of yourself such as your self-esteem, passion and worthiness, to being adventurous, creative and to your spirit. This is what Nelson Mandela is talking about when he mentions our light. It is time to reclaim your light.

My philosophy is to work from a non-judgmental position, to see the beauty of the individual, and to work from integrity. People can heal themselves and move forward in their lives. I believe in working with the whole person, the body, mind, spirit & emotions in order for effective change to happen. This empowers people to see that they are the creators of their life and not the victim.

I see my work as more than helping a person through a crisis. I want people to see who they truly are, their full potential and know that anything is possible.

“In the driest, whitest stretch of all pain’s infinite desert I lost my sanity and found this rose” Rumi.

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