As a professional, work can be very demanding and quite often we, in the helping professions, give out more energy to our work than to ourselves. Before long we can start to feel burnt out and overwhelmed with anxiety and responsibility. Sometimes as a therapist you may just not know what to do.

The role of the supervisor is:

  • Support the health and well-being of professionals in the helping role.
  • Providing competency based skills.
  • Assist in empowering the professional to develop skills based competences in working and enhancing clients growth.
  • To discuss issues such as ethical responsibilities when difficult situations arise
  • Work experientially with any issue the professional may have.

Marg is also expert at supervising those that use Sandplay in their profession. Her ability to look at Sandplay and hone in on what is being presented in the tray is remarkable. Using Sandplay, Marg will also give you, in an optimistic learning environment, strategies to enhance and grow the way you work.

Please phone Marg to make an appointment.

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